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Oelwein Police Department Frequently Asked Questions

What is or isn't a civil matter?
The Oelwein Police Department gets several calls concerning issues that are beyond the scope of their duties. One such area is Civil Law. Civil Law governs agreements between people or businesses and people. A Civil Matter is one in which there has been no violation of criminal law. For example a person has an arrangement of some sort with another person. The other person is not meeting the obligations set forth in the agreement. This is a civil matter and the police are not obligated, required, or have any law enforcement capability to resolve. Such issues are referred to small claims court . According to The Iowa Code Section 631.1 (3) The district court sitting in small claims has concurrent jurisdiction of an action of replevin if the value of the property claimed is four thousand dollars or less for actions commenced before July 1, 2002, and five thousand dollars or less for actions commenced on or after July 1, 2002. When commenced under this chapter, the action is a small claim for the purposes of this chapter. Oelwein Police are only able to respond and to act officially on matters that are criminal in nature.
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Oelwein Police Department History

The City of Oelwein was incorporated as an official city in the State of Iowa.



On May 8 the first jail was constructed in Oelwein to incarcerate law violators. This jail was located in the southeast 10 block of South Frederick Avenue, in the center of the block on the east side of the roadway. The first jail was called a “Calaboose”.

The City Council of Oelwein hired six (6) special police officers. These men were not full time police officers however, they did have police powers. They were paid $20.00 per month



On October 21st Oelwein adopted a city ordinance directing the Oelwein Marshall and his Assistant Marshall to enforce laws and keep the peace in Oelwein. Oelwein ordinance number 25. The Marshall was not a police department at this point, but merely a keeper of the peace. Read the Original Ordinance.

The Oelwein Police Department was established as a law enforcement agency for the City of Oelwein.


Employment Opportunities


The Oelwein Police Department is presently accepting applications for the position of police officer. Preference given to certified officers, but all are encouraged to apply. Applications will be accepted and position will be open until filled. 

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Birth certificate is not needed until requested.
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