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Contractor Charged With Failure to Obtain Permit:


The Office of the Building Inspector has completed its investigation into an incident in which a contractor performed work without obtaining a proper permit.

Shane Allen Rechkemmer, 41, of Oran, has been charged with Failure to Obtain a Demolition Permit, Failure to Cap Utilities and Failure to Have Utilities Inspected Prior to Backfill. Mr. Rechkemmer has been cited and issued a notice to appear in court.

The City of Oelwein reminds citizens and contractors that proper permitting is required prior to performing demolition and many construction, electrical and plumbing projects.

When is a permit needed?

      New Construction

      Remodel of existing structure

      Any structural work

      Electrical work

      Plumbing work

      All Mechanical work

      Excavation work

      Street cuts





      Doors – other than the changing of door for door without the removal of the existing frame.

      Temporary structures – these are good for 120 days per 12-month period.




      House moving/oversized loads being transported on City of Oelwein streets

      Tree planting in the Right of Way the City has an approved species list

      Peddler permits (door to door sales)

When in doubt, contact the building inspector. (319)283-4311

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